Altar Table ("Prestol") Construction

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Christopher is shown here working on the lathe.  He is laying out the locations of  the various corner leg details of the Altar Table.  He is working off of a full size drawing which was designed by Fr.John.
Full size drawing/template for
the four  Altar Table legs.
Using outside calipers, Christopher is checking to see if the various diameters of his turning exactly match the drawing (they did).
Christopher proudly standing with one of his finished legs.  Christopher is an experienced lathe turner and the results are proof of that.  He turned two of the four legs.
As a side note, shown here is an end table that Christopher made one year as a Christmas gift for his mother.  Notice the details of the turning in addition to the fluted columns.  Not an easy task.  He made a special jig which enabled him to add this detail with a router.  Needless to say, his mother Matushka Nina was very happy.
This is Nathaniel, Christopher's younger brother, who also made two of the four legs.  The astonishing part here is this was Nathaniel's first attempt at lathe work.  Up until this point he had mastered several of the other disciplines of woodworking, but these turnings were his first.   Well done!
Shown here is Nathaniel working on the scroll saw. He is making some of the intricate Altar Table frame details.
Another picture of the scroll saw master hard at work.
As a side note, Nathaniel made this hall display cabinet for his mother one Christmas.   "Scroll saw/woodworking master" is an understatement.  Needless to say his mother, Matushka Nina, was once again ecstatic.
Close-up view of the Altar table front.  The Last Supper consists of over 800 individual pieces cut from different exotic woods.   With the exception of the white table cloth, all the woods are their natural colors which were then  coated with laquer.  Each piece was meticulously cut, shaped and fitted to ensure no gaps between the pieces.  It took a year to complete just this phase of the Altar Table.
Test fit-up.
Test fit-up 2.
Test fit-up 3.
Final Assembly